Did You Collect 'Em All?

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You love Pokémon. From the first time you saw Ash jump in front of the battered Pikachu to protect him from a flock of Spearows, you knew you'd found something special.

Parlor City Cards & Collectibles welcomes Pokémon fans of all ages to browse through our shop. We sell a wide variety of collectible cards, including Pokémon cards, in Binghamton, NY. Whether you just want the latest Shiny Pokémon or it's time to beef up your deck before your next battle, you can count on us to have the cards you need.

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See how easily you can boost your deck

See how easily you can boost your deck

Parlor City Cards & Collectibles can help you strengthen all kinds of collectible card decks. In addition to Pokémon cards, we also sell Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering.

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