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Maybe you're a long-time X-Men fan and more than ready for the latest release. Maybe you're looking for that one special edition with only a few hundred copies. Or maybe you're new to the comics world and just want to find something fun to read. Whatever your reason for browsing through our comics for sale, you can count on our knowledgeable employees to help you find something right up your alley.

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Find your favorite new Funko POP! today

Find your favorite new Funko POP! today

In addition to your favorite comics, Parlor City Cards & Collectibles sells all kinds of related merchandise and action figures. You can come to us for items from:

  • Marvel comics, including The Avengers and Jessica Jones
  • DC comics, including Wonder Woman and Watchmen
  • Funko POP! figures, including new releases
  • Dark Horse comics, including Hellboy and Sin City
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